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My name is Maria Louise. I am in the Renaissance of my life. I am a wife, mother, and student. I am a perpetual student of singing, dance, piano, and life in general. I also adore architecture and love to write. I write songs, stories, and poems, and have a few ideas up my sleeve for childrens' books. I also dabble in gown re-creations, and back into ballet after 20 years away.

My gown re-creation business MariasWonders, is changing directions. Soon you'll be able to find us at

I also provide business consulting services and oversee the management of several trust properties.

The Story of a Ballet Late Re-starter....

I got back into ballet because it has always been my passion to express myself through some form of performing arts. As a kid I wrote songs, stories, poems, was a gymnast, played the guitar, and did a bit of ballet. I grew up poor without financial or family support... I was an "A" student and was told that I must have a SERIOUS career and I wouldn't be allowed to go to New York City and be a starving artist.

I moved to DC at 18 and spent the next 20 years working on a medical journal. I then was a business consultant until I put myself through college graduating last August with an honors degree in Psychology.

I remarried in 2002, after falling in love for the first time. My new husband is my best friend and nurtures and believes in my dreams. Therefore, I've been encouraged for the first time in my life to pursue my artistic side for the sheer joy of personal expression. I sing, dance, and am learning to play the piano. We also have a banjo and mandolin in the family, which I've been eyeing with interest. We have six children between us...all grown expect one.

As far as my pointe shoes, first I'll describe my challenging feet! I wear an American women’s size 8.5 medium to wide because of my wide fore foot. I also have a high arch, a tapered foot, 2nd toe longer than the first, and hammer toe. In addition, I have a neuroma in both feet (which will eventually require surgery) and only bothers me in my aerobic exercise, but ironically not in ballet! I have many pairs of pointe shoes, but my Gaynor Minden's are by far my favorite! My GMs are size 9 sleeks with a number 4 box and a sleek heel. I also have a pair of Fuzi's which I will probably ditch [too wide]. I also have Pawlova's, [easy to go en pointe, but overall not comfortable] and Maya II's [new from Russia which I'm saving for when my other pointe shoes die]. The quality of my Maya IIs surpasses the CHEAP paste shoes I so often encounter. I also have a pair of Ulanova II's for sale. . . I bought the wrong size and they wouldn’t take them back!